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A message from WAAL - #BlackLivesMatter

WAAL Family,

It is with a heavy heart that we write to you today. The Black community is in tremendous pain. We are grieving for the number of lives taken at the hands of police brutality and due to systemic oppression, discrimination and racism. We collectively mourn the loss of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and the many other lives taken from their loved ones.

Over the last few weeks, we have witnessed members of the Black community, alongside allies and organizations, fill the streets of America in protest of police brutality. Many of you have lent your voices or services in support of these efforts. We admire and commend your efforts, and we support the protests taking place. We support and stand by protestors genuinely working to draw attention to these issues, and support the advocates and organizations that provide funding and resources in support of the protests. After all, protesting injustice to demand change is one of the most patriotic activities we can do.

WAAL is committed to upholding its mission by advocating for legal and judicial reform, and defending against the denial of basic human and legal rights. These actions are always at the forefront of everything we do. But we recognize our responsibility to act and do more in this moment. In the coming days, WAAL will send out calls for resources and legal assistance, opportunities for training, and donation links in support of the community’s fight against racial injustice in the criminal justice system.

We have an obligation and responsibility as lawyers, judges, professors, public officials, students and advocates to illuminate the injustices in the legal system, to advocate for reform, and to effect change. We beseech each of you to use your platforms and privilege to help in those efforts.


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