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With the help of enthusiastic and committed lawyers, WAAL has made significant strides in line with our mission throughout Wisconsin. In an effort to keep up the momentum and achieve even greater heights, WAAL has a rather ambitious agenda for this year. If you are interested in becoming more involved with the Wisconsin legal community and helping us tackle our audacious goals, please email us at and indicate which committee you are interested in joining.

The current standing committees are:

  • Community Outreach Committee [Chair - Atty. T.R. Edwards]

This committee is responsible for ensuring that WAAL becomes and remains actively involved with creative forces in the community, advocates for needed legal and judicial reform and plays an active role in eliminating root causes of powerlessness in our community. Among other events and activities, this committee will be responsible for putting together a community workshop designed to increase WAAL's involvement, visibility and relevance in the community.

  • Fundraising Committee [Co-Chair - Atty. Jason R. Meehan & Atty. Taviss K. Smith]

This committee is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of the fundraising efforts of WAAL and identifying external sources of support (e.g. sponsors, donors, grants) to ensure the financial viability and stability of the organization.

  • Membership Engagement Committee [Co-Chairs - Atty. Jourdan Glenn & Atty. Chalisa Sims

This committee is responsible for recruitment, retention and renewal of members of WAAL. Strategies and activities include executing the annual membership renewal campaign, assisting in membership drives, and planning WAAL's annual membership month.

  • Scholarship Banquet Committee [Co-Chairs - Atty. Ashley A. Smith & Atty. Brittani Miller]

This committee is responsible for securing a speaker and venue as well as setting the format for WAAL's signature event, the VelanDale Scholarship Banquet. This committee also handles the sponsorship and marketing for the event. This year's event will be a showcase of WAAL members, their accomplishments and our community.

  • Scholarship Selection Committee [Chair - Hon. Nancy Joseph]

This committee is responsible for the application process associated with WAAL's signature event, the ValenDale Scholarship Banquet. This committee will, among other related responsibilities, select essay topics, review essay submissions and recommend scholarship recipients. This committee is not currently accepting new members.‚Äč

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