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About Us

WAAL is an association of African American Lawyers dedicated to ensuring diversity in Wisconsin's legal community.

Goals of WAAL:

  • To promote professional improvement of its members
  • To become and remain actively involved in and cooperate with creative forces in the community
  • To advocate needed legal and judicial reform to make justice available to all people
  • To assist the Black community in eliminating root causes of poverty and powerlessness
  • To defend against the denial of basic human and legal rights
  • To use legal tools and discipline for the advancement of education, housing, business, and economic development, health delivery systems and social institutions for Black people.

WAAL welcomes partnerships with other community, state and national programs designed to ameliorate or eliminate racism, ignorance, poverty and powerlessness, the organized and non-organized Bar, the Bench, scholars and researchers, the private sector as well as governmental agencies.


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WAAL is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization.

Wisconsin Association of African-American Lawyers
Located at P.O. Box 519 Milwaukee, WI 53201.
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